Asia’s Top 5 Beaches

A favorite place is as subjective as your favorite ice cream, but this list is here to help get the ball rolling.

5. Phra Nang Beach, Thailand.


Incredible scenery and calm water’s are what land Phra Nang Beach at number 5 of our list.  With activities such as climbing the giant outcrops right along the beach and plenty of snorkeling to be had, it’ no wonder why Phra Nang has become one of the most popular beaches in Asia.

4. Caelossim, India


Lava Rocks and Palm trees enclose this tranquil Indian beach.  With plenty of resorts to accommodate you and local craftsmanship up for sale, Caelossim is a safe bet for a great get-away.

3. Puka Shell Beach, Phillipines

IMG_4278 (2)

As if the name weren’t enticing enough, the dozens of fisheries and resorts that can be found throughout this beach town will leave you craving for more.  Known for it’s large amount of naturally occurring Puka Shells along the beach and ocean floor, Puka Shell Beach (Yapa) is a tourists dream.

2. Railay Beach, Thailand.


Isolated and majestic, Railay beach is on a slim peninsula surrounded by comforting tropical waters.  Limestone cliffs fill the backdrop, and rock climbing is a common activity.

1. Dubai, U.A.E.

gold coast

Dubai is simply in a league of its own.  If the exotic buildings and booming culture doesn’t excite you, the beach surely will.  Will warm, teal-colored water, and daily temperatures (in the summer) reaching an average of over 100 degrees, it’s easy to see why the beach is the focal point of Dubai.  Kite surfers, jet skiiers, and surfers can be commonly found along the beach, and are all activities you can do too!  Just across the street, local coffee shops and artworks fill the streets making the beach much more than any typical experience.  All these amenities are what puts Dubai at the top of our Asian beach list.

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