Europe’s Top 5 Beaches

A favorite place is as subjective as your favorite ice cream, but this list is here to help get the ball rolling.

5. Lecce, Italy


Italy’s culture and history are enough to wet the pallet with plenty of things to do, but attaching beautiful beaches to the already stunning country is why Italy is such a hot destination for tourists from around the world.  Encapsulated within rocky coves and mountains, Lecce sprawls out into the ocean like few cities can.  Lecce features hundreds of historic monuments and buildings within the city itself.

4. Cala Jondal, Ibiza


Popular among boat owners and nestled within a sandy cove, Cala Jondal is one of Ibiza’s premier beaches.  Beach restaurants and shops can be found near the beach if you’re looking to grab a bite to eat, and the trendy crowd you’ll be amongst will be sure to keep you experience anything but tame.

3. Elafonisii, Greece


Greece, a culture emulated and researched by many, and for good reason.  The Greeks were known to be innovators, seafarers, and masterminds.  But above all else ( at least for your sake) the Greeks knew how to integrate their life with the ocean in a seemingly transparent way.  Take Elafonissi for example- pink sands, crystal calm water, and a perfect climate all make this small Greek island irresistible.  Combine that with very little human structure except for one hotel and a monastery, and well, you have pure paradise.

2. Costa Brava, Spain

Situated upon the Mediterranean Sea, Costa Brava is an adventurers dream.  Not only does this beach feature various sports and activites such as biking, hiking, and water sports, but the city’s various art museums are worth a look as well.  There is over 60 Kilometers or coastline to Costa Brava, so be sure to be ready to explore.  Oh and don’t worry about not finding a place to eat, Brava has you covered there as well- dozens of world-class restaurants dot the shoreline, attracting food-lovers from around the world.

1. Palombaggia Beach, France


Sometimes crowded, but never disappointing, Palombaggia is simply gorgeous.  Snorkeling and other various water sports are commonplace in this clear-water gem of France.  Nestled in between mountains and beautiful vegetation, this is an explorers paradise.  Be sure to get there early as many others are aware of the treasure that is Palombaggia.

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